Spot Light on our Partner School

Spotlight on Partner School!

Just 4 years ago the building at 1201 Cambria St. in Brooklyn housed the lowest performing junior high in Baltimore City; but the vision of a principal, a community school coordinator, a new teaching staff and continual development of community partners has made this a "go to" public high school.  The building was renovated offering mental health services, academics including urban agriculture, an early childhood program for teen parents, GED training and most of all workforce development. It has been transformed and brings stability to the Brooklyn/Curtis Bay community. 


Every 2 years the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) in DC selects 5 schools to be awarded "Excellence in Education" and in this short period of time Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove was chosen!  Congratulations to them for the high achievement! 


Old Ottertbein UMC can be proud that we have supported the goals and values of family and schools working together. To find out more about how you could join in the rebuilding of a community contact Rev. Jessica Hayden or June Risley.


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