Peanut Ministry


Peanut Ministry is a Blessing



Back in 1992, a member of Old Otterbein, Edythe Parthree, brought some bags of peanuts to a church Strawberry Festival.  Those not sold were taken out on Conway Street to see if fans en route to the Orioles game would buy them.  The leftover peanuts quickly sold for $1.00 each!  Thus began a ministry that continues today.


As soon as the Oriole home season begins each spring, volunteers pack peanuts in small bags and sell them for the same $1.00 each!  In recent years, we added cold water for those hot, thirsty days @ $1.00 each and a limited number of parking spaces.


The money raised is used for the maintenance of the old buildings and grounds.  The dollars have restored a beautiful organ, helped replace roofs, fixed crumbling old brick walls and covered repairs for the electrical systems, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and tree damage.


The best sales are always when the “Yanks” and “Red Sox” are in town.  The humorous sign out front attracts attention and we smile at fans’ amazement at our prices (“Are you sure?” is the typical question). Every year we throw a Fan Appreciation Day Party to thank the fans for their business.  We also have a sign out front which invites baseball, soccer, and Raven fans to join us for church before the game.


Some folks passing by will stop, take a tour of the church, and marvel at its history and beautiful simplicity.  We encourage Youth Groups from other churches to join us in packing and selling – you can even bring your band!  Just contact the church at or 410-685-4703.


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