Why Join Old Otterbein?

"Why Join Old Otterbein?"

We hear this question from people who may have been coming to Old Otterbein faithfully for years, but just never got around to attending a membership orientation.  Although Old Otterbein makes an effort to make everyone feel welcomed – whether members, regular attendees or visitors – it's important that we can count on members to define and support who we are as a congregation.

We are grateful for those who, for some reason, choose not to officially join the church, but who are nonetheless an integral part of our community. However, we know that some have intended to become members, but simply haven't gotten around to it.

The main reason for joining Old Otterbein (or any church) is to commit to be a witness for Christ and to demonstrate your commitment to the mission of the church.  By becoming a member, you join with other Old Otterbein members in validating a ministry that is diverse, compassionate, spirit-filled, welcoming and affirming to all.

The TOP 10 Reasons to become an Old Otterbein member are:

  • Baptism – If you are not already baptized, becoming a member allows you to experience this special sacrament of Christian faith. If you're already baptized, membership reaffirms your baptism.

  • Belonging – As a member, you feel a sense of belonging to a faith-filled community, a spiritual family where you are “at home.”

  • Affiliation – You don't have to give up your membership at your church "back home" – you can become an "Affiliate Member" at Old Otterbein.  This means that you keep your existing church membership elsewhere, while recognizing Old Otterbein as your "church home in Baltimore"

  • Affirmation – There is something very affirming about the membership process. You learn about Methodism, about our history and our perspectives. Most of all, you learn that Old Otterbein wants you!

  • Discipleship – In many ways, Old Otterbein works to support you in becoming a follower of Christ.

  • Involvement – As we get to know you better, we assist you in becoming involved in the community in the ways that are best for you.

  • Service – You can participate more fully in the life of the church, lending your voice to our congregation and your service to our committees, missions and ministries.

  • Connections – As a Old Otterbein member, you meet new and interesting people and discover common connections for your personal and professional life.

  • Visibility – Your membership increases Old Otterbein's voice within the United Methodist denomination to advocate for our vision of the inclusive, affirming church.

  • It's easy! – New member orientation is usually just a single Sunday afternoon, and new members usually join the following Sunday.


Interested in joining Old Otterbein?

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Have questions?

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