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Greetings Friends!

As the days grow cooler and the beauty of the fall season unfolds before us, we are invited to consider the various ways God calls us into the process of transformation. Each day offers new opportunities for growth and positive movement; and we are called to respond to those opportunities wherever possible.

We have often heard the phrase, "change is hard"; and I will agree that in many instances the process of change and transformation may pose challenges. However, when we attempt to avoid change (especially necessary change) we remain stagnant. We don't grow. We don't learn. We forfeit opportunities to gain understanding about the people and the communities that we are called to be in relationship with.

It might seem easier to avoid any conversations or situations that would pose an emotional or social challenge for us. It may feel more comfortable to act as if certain things really don't need to change. It may even seem more beneficial for us to "just mind our own business" and not involve ourselves in processes that would require active engagement in a process of transformation.

It might seem easier....but most likely the outcome will not be the most effective or the most fruitful.  God calls us to be active participants in the processes of change and transformation so that we can work collectively to make God's peace, love and justice a lived reality in our world.

Change begins with us. Transformation begins with us. The path toward peace and wellness in our communities begins with our willingness to work toward the changes that we desire to see. And during this fall season I invite you to join me in a series of small group conversations that will create a safe space where we can begin to consider the ways in which God is calling us toward positive change - specifically as it relates to the ways we are in relationship with one another.

Our conversations will begin on Thursday, October 13th at 6:30pm and we will spend time in conversation about race relations in our communities. More information about the specific format is included in our newsletter, however our goal is to begin to name, discuss, pray about, listen, learn and understand the various social issues that are facing our communities and that call us to consider where change and transformation are needed. We have entitled this small group dialogue as "Bridging the Gap: Building Bridges of Peace through Vital Conversation".

I ask that you would pray with us and for us as we move forward with this endeavor. Pray that God would give us open hearts and open minds to hear and understand the voices and feelings of our brothers and sisters. I also invited you to join us on this journey toward change and transformation. It may not be easy....but it is definitely worth it!

Your sister in Christ,

 Pastor Jessica



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